Best Gifts for Bird Lovers from Bilantan

Best Gifts for Bird Lovers from Bilantan - Bilantan

Great gift if you have a bird lover in your life

For people who love birds, there is nothing more relaxing than watching their winged friends fly around. They'll spend hours in the park or backyard watching them. But aside from a good pair of binoculars, the sport doesn't really seem to require all that much - so what memorable gift would you like for a bird lover?

Bilantan Flagship Products: Birdhi Smart Bird Feeder & Hummerhi Smart Hummingbird Feeder & Birdhi Ultra 2in1 Smart Bird Feeder. Bilantan Smart Bird Feeder - your ultimate birdwatching companion! With a high-definition 3MP camera and AI bird identification, capture stunning photos and videos of over 6000 bird species. Enjoy nature's wonders up-close and share your birdwatching moments with family and friends. Elevate your birdwatching experience with Bilantan Smart Bird Feeder!

Starting with the idea of improving the birdwatching experience as a starting point, we've combined the bird feeder with technology to make a number of cool improvements that we hope will ultimately make it the perfect gift for bird lovers. It would also make an awesome gift for someone who loves to garden, or a mom or grandma who enjoys spending time outdoors.


What gifts do bird lovers want to receive?

Gift options as bird lovers can be based on their interests and needs. Here are some popular gift options for bird lovers:

Bird watching equipment: e.g. telescope, binoculars, camera lenses, etc. These tools can help them better observe and photograph birds.


Bird books and guides: books and guides on bird identification, behavior, habitats, migration, etc. can help them learn more about and understand birds.

Bird recording devices: such as digital recorders or voice recorders that can be used to record the singing and calling sounds of birds for subsequent analysis and learning.

Bird artwork and decorations: such as bird sculptures, paintings, prints or bird-themed home decorations that can add to the beauty of a room or garden.

Bird watching clothing and equipment: such as waterproof jackets, hats, gloves, bird-printed scarves or t-shirts that will keep them comfortable and handy while birding outdoors.

Bird feeders and bird food: Provide them with various types of bird feeders and high quality bird food so that they can attract more birds to their yard or balcony.

Bird Conservation Organization Memberships: Purchase them memberships to bird conservation organizations so they can participate and support efforts to protect birds and their habitats.

Bird Visits or Birdwatching Tours: Arrange for them to visit a wildlife sanctuary, birdwatching tour, or guided birding tour that will give them the opportunity to experience and observe the rich diversity of birds firsthand.

These gift options can be adapted to the particular interests and preferences of the bird lovers you know to ensure that the gift will meet their expectations and needs.

A New Breed - Smart Bird Feeder with Camera

Here we are talking about a new breed of "Smart Bird Feeder with Camera", which can not only watch birds remotely but also record them and send the photos to your cell phone. It can be said to combine the two functions of telescope and camera. You can see the images of your feathered friends as well as hear their wonderful voices, and enjoy live broadcasting at all times. And this is telescope + camera can not be realized.


Is there something missing in a bird lover's backyard?

Typically, a bird lover's backyard can attract birds and provide a better habitat by adding a few elements.

First, set up bird feeders and waterers to provide them with food and water. Don't forget to clean and replenish the feeders regularly. Second, plant a diverse range of plants and flowers, especially those that attract nectar and insects to your birds. It is important to choose plants that are suitable for nesting and roosting birds. Also, create bird baths or fountains so birds have a place to clean and drink. Don't forget to keep the water source clean. Also consider setting up nesting boxes that are suitable for local birds to provide a safe habitat. In addition, provide shelter and shade for birds, such as trees or birdwatching platforms. Avoid chemical lawns and pesticides, opting for natural plant management methods is better. Attract more birds to your backyard by adapting to local bird species and environmental features.

Bilantan Flagship Products: Birdhi Smart Bird Feeder & Hummerhi Smart Hummingbird Feeder & Birdhi Ultra 2in1 Smart Bird Feeder. Bilantan Smart Bird Feeder - your ultimate birdwatching companion! With a high-definition 3MP camera and AI bird identification, capture stunning photos and videos of over 6000 bird species. Enjoy nature's wonders up-close and share your birdwatching moments with family and friends. Elevate your birdwatching experience with Bilantan Smart Bird Feeder!

These are some common suggestions, but it would definitely be a great addition to your backyard to add a smart bird feeder with a camera! Smart bird feeders not only allow you to watch your birds in real time, but also record their behavior. You can remotely watch their every move around the bird feeder and enjoy interacting with the birds. With the data recorded by the camera, you can also gain a deeper understanding of the birds' preferences, frequency of visits and interaction styles. You can also share the bird activities recorded through the camera with other bird enthusiasts to start communication and discussion. So, the smart bird feeder will add more fun and bird watching to your backyard!


What are the surprising features of the Bilantan Smart Bird Feeder?

Our flagship Bilantan Smart Camera Bird Feeder combines artificial intelligence and solar power with the ability to recognize over 6,000 species of birds (including over 350 species of hummingbirds). Alerts you when they visit, collects their stunning photos, and can always share the joy of bird watching.

AI bird identification

Free AI Bird Identification: Explore local wild birds with free professional AI bird identification and the ability to identify more than 6,000 bird species!

Bird Arrival Notification: Receive timely notifications whenever a bird visits so you don't miss any birds that make you smile.

More Focused Algorithms: only works when birds arrive, no non-bird motion detection is recorded.

Two Way Audio: engage with nature like never before! Talk to birds and listen to their beautiful melodies in real time.

3MP HD Camera: Captures clearer and more detailed images than 1080p. Keep a close eye on your feathered friends.

Easy-to-use Companion APP: Enhance your bird feeding and conservation with our assistant designed for avid birders.

24/7 solar charging

Featured Add-on

Our smart feeder, enables you to take better care of your birds!

Solar Charging Power Supply: 360° rotatable solar panel power supply ensures hassle-free, all-day continuous recording to capture every exciting moment.

Multi-purpose Slot: Multi-functional front slot (hummingbird feeder) can hold a variety of items to meet the needs of different birds.

Dual Hummingbird House: Designed specifically to provide a comfortable home for hummingbirds, it provides them with a safe and welcoming shelter.

Ant & Insect Moat: effectively prevents ants or insects from feeding on the nectar, focusing on the health of hummingbirds.

Unique Bird Habitat Design: Easy to disassemble and clean, creating a nourishing feeding environment for birds.

We integrate technology and nature to enhance the birding experience for all ages. Our smart feeders blend cutting-edge functionality and eco-design to connect birders with nature in innovative ways.


A new way for bird lovers to record their birds!

What a great time it is when you are sipping your coffee on a breezy afternoon and watching the wonderful live birding on your cell phone. It used to be that you had to prepare a handful of specialized outdoor gear, trek into the woods and hide yourself for long periods of time, holding up your birding binoculars and quietly observing the birds as they arrived. Now all it takes is simple preparation: put the smart feeder in the woods, fill it with birdseed, secure the power supply, and you're good to go.

Birdwatching Revolution

Smart feeders with cameras are much cooler than traditional bird feeders! First of all, you can monitor the birds' activities around the feeder in real time, just like watching a live stream, which is super fun! And, the camera records the birds' behavior so you can get a deeper understanding of their preferences, frequency of visits, and how they interact. These recordings can also contribute to bird research, and scientists and bird experts will appreciate your data! Don't forget that the camera also prevents waste, and you can adjust the amount of food you feed based on your observations to make sure the birds are eating just the right amount. The coolest thing is that you can also share the bird activities captured by the camera with your friends to discuss and communicate together for added fun and interaction.

All in all, the smart feeder with camera makes feeding birds more fun, monitors and records bird behavior in real time, and contributes to scientific research, which is simply a must-have for bird lovers!



A smart bird feeder is definitely the perfect gift for bird lovers! It not only allows you to observe bird activities in real time, but also records their behavior. You can enjoy interacting with the birds and learn about their preferences and habits. The data can also contribute to bird research and help scientists better understand the ecology and behavior of birds. You can also share the recorded bird activities with other bird enthusiasts to communicate and discuss together.

All in all, the smart bird feeder is a great gift for bird lovers as it provides more fun and bird observation!

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Great article with many useful information!

Marie-Christine D.

Marie-Christine D.

This article provided a comprehensive overview of the best gifts for bird lovers. The Bilantan Smart Bird Feeder stands out as a unique and thoughtful gift option. I appreciate the summary at the end, which tied everything together nicely. Great suggestions and insights!

Danielle Reubens

Danielle Reubens

I’ve always struggled to find a convenient way to record the birds I spot. The Bilantan Smart Bird Feeder seems like the perfect solution! It’s exciting to see a new and innovative approach that makes bird recording easier and more enjoyable.



The surprising features of the Bilantan Smart Bird Feeder are truly impressive! The combination of artificial intelligence and solar energy to identify birds is remarkable. I can’t wait to capture stunning photos and share them with fellow bird enthusiasts!



I never realized there might be something missing in my backyard until I read this article. It got me thinking about how I can create a more inviting space for birds. The suggestions offered here are practical and inspiring!

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