Gifts for A Bird Watcher: Our Top Ideas!

Gifts for A Bird Watcher: Our Top Ideas! - Bilantan

Discover gifts for a bird watcher - create unforgettable surprises for your beloved birdwatcher!

Birdwatchers use tons of gear and gadgets, but it can be a bit of a mystery to the layman.

What can you offer birdwatchers that they will actually enjoy or find useful?

We're here to introduce you to gifts that both beginners and experienced birdwatchers will enjoy, as well as some fun extras they'll love. As well as some of the gear birdwatchers need in the field.

Let's add items to the gift list for the birdwatcher you care about!


Bird Watcher Equipment FAQ

What Every Birdwatcher Should Own?

As a birdwatcher, binoculars are the most important piece of equipment. Without them, most birds will become black spots that you can't recognize. Not much fun to watch!

With binoculars, you will see colors, details, and interesting behaviors that allow you to name and understand birds.

Many birdwatchers also find that a quality camera is vital to their hobby. If you can't bring home photos to prove it, how will anyone else know about that amazing bird you saw? Plus, taking photos allows you to appreciate details that you may not have had enough time to see in the field.


Gifts for Different Bird Lovers

Is your gift recipient new to birding or a more experienced birdwatcher? New birdwatchers may still be collecting their starter equipment. Intermediate birdwatchers may need some equipment or wish to upgrade. Experienced birdwatchers may want specialized gear or may want to travel to check birds off their life list.


I. The most important piece of basic equipment for new birders is a pair of binoculars. High quality field guides, wildlife guides specific to the area they live in, and local specialized birding guides.

II. Intermediate birdwatchers, who already have some basic knowledge of photographing birds, may have already purchased their basic equipment. We recommend upgraded binoculars and tripods, in-depth bird reference materials, upgraded camera equipment, etc.

III. Experienced birdwatchers who need better quality binoculars, birdwatching scopes, cameras and lenses to upgrade their current equipment. Even be prepared to purchase special telephoto lenses for wildlife photography. Birding journals, field clothing, hiking gear, and navigation equipment are also pleasing to them.

All birdwatchers want to be more comfortable when outdoors, so some essential outdoor gear is recommended, similar to what you would purchase for hiking. While these items don't warrant a large separate investment like optics, they are necessary. It usually takes a while for birdwatchers to slowly accumulate all of these items.

Therefore, this is when they must be very happy to receive all this gear that they have not yet gotten around to purchasing.


Gifts for Bird Watchers

Binoculars or monoculars

The basic equipment needed by birdwatchers is very simple. The most expensive component is binoculars. Birdwatching can be a bit difficult without them, and the better they are, the better your experience will be.

Monoculars are like binoculars themselves with one side. It has some advantages in being lighter, more portable, and gives you a closer view with enhanced detail.


Field Guide

Next, you’ll want some kind of field guide for identifying the birds you see. These are typically divided by region, such as the eastern US and the western US, or smaller regions such as New England, the southwest, or an individual state.

Some birders prefer to go digital, using apps like Merlin Bird ID or the Audubon Bird Guide.



Once you've seen birds and identified them, you'll need some way to keep track of what you've seen. There are digital options here too - the most popular app is eBird, which allows you to track and share your sightings.

But there are also lots of beautiful journals and diaries that list birds and record all the relevant facts about your sightings for you. In its simplest form, you can even keep track of your bird sightings in a regular notebook.


Outdoor equipment

Comfortable folding chairs, sun hats, waterproof shoes, etc. for their outdoor birding comfort.


outdoor clothing

Dressing appropriately for the outdoors is a must for any nature lover - wearing several layers of moisture-wicking clothing depending on the weather conditions allows you to add or subtract clothing depending on the temperature. This includes well-fitting socks and shoes that are appropriate for the conditions of the trails you are traveling to.


Sun Gear

It's important to deal with the sun: a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen are the basics; a bandana and sun sleeves might be nice additions.



Hydration is another important aspect of outdoor activities. For shorter walks, a simple water bottle will do; for longer trips, a specialized hydration pack will carry water efficiently and will also help you with other gear.


Trail Food

Trail snacks are always good: dried meat and fruit, nuts, granola, and trail mix. Tuck a few into your pack even if you don’t think you’ll be gone long enough to need them.



Finally, you will need a good backpack to carry all of these things. In addition to standard hiking backpacks, there are combo water bags/backpacks that come with water bladders and still have room for your gear.

Additionally, many of the newer hiking packs leave room to add water bladders (if you decide to make the switch later).


Truly Gifted

Does the birdwatcher in your life really have it all? Here are some additional ideas. Consider making a donation in their name to a bird conservation organization such as the Audubon Society, American Bird Conservancy, or BirdLife International.

You could also gift them a membership to a birdhouse or nature center, or symbolically adopt a bird in their name through a zoo, bird rescue or conservation organization.

Whatever you choose, the birdwatcher in your life is lucky to have someone like you research all of these thoughtful gift ideas!


Gifts for Kids Who Love Birds

Adults aren't the only ones who love birds! Children are often interested in birds and bird watching as well. They may have learned to love birds because their parents or family members taught them about birds and bird watching, or they may have learned it on their own.

Is it really any surprise that kids are attracted to birds? They love them for the same reasons we do: their beauty, their songs, and their unique behavior.

If you have a bird-loving child near you, we have some great ideas for them, too! These gifts are a great way to continue to foster your child's love of birds of all kinds.


Birds, Bees and Butterflies Sticker Anthology

Birds, Bees and Butterflies Sticker Anthology

This gorgeous hardcover sticker book is filled with beautiful nature-themed stickers, including a variety of birds!

There are over 1,000 vintage-themed stickers in the collection, and kids can use them for arts and crafts, journaling, and attaching them to everything from water bottles to cell phone cases.

Stickers have always been a favorite activity for many kids, but it's not just for little ones. Today's teens put stickers on everything, including binders and laptops. The unique presentation of the stickers in the hardcover book makes it an especially cute gift.


A Birdhouse Toy

A Birdhouse Toy

This adorable DIY kit contains the materials needed for a small wooden birdhouse for your child to build.

It includes nails, glue, chain, paint and brushes and is very easy to assemble. Of course, younger children will need some help.

If you wish to hang the bird feeder outside, you should purchase some sealant to protect it from inclement weather.


Kids Binoculars


Binoculars are not only suitable for adults, but sometimes they can be challenging for small children to use. Adult sized binoculars are often too heavy for children and the viewfinder is too wide for a child's eyes.

Binoculars for kids are smaller, lighter, and durable enough to withstand some rough treatment. They also need to be budget-friendly, as most adults are hesitant to invest a lot of money in something that kids deal with on a regular basis.

That said, you don't want to sacrifice practicality to save money! You still want something with clarity and proper magnification. Go for something inexpensive, lightweight and durable that has about 8x magnification, which is plenty for kids but not so much that they have to have a super-stable grip. It's a great way for kids to get started in birdwatching!


Cute Smart Bird Feeder

A good smart birdfeeder combines all the advantages of a birdhouse and binoculars to give your child a novel birdwatching experience without having to endure unnecessary wind and rain!

The Bilantan Smart Bird Feeder recognizes almost all bird species and is sure to be loved again!

Bilantan bird feeder

Gifts for Bird Watchers' Backyard

Bird watching in the backyard is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Offering products or solutions that help create an ideal habitat makes a great bird gift.


Birdhouses or nest boxes

Giving a birdhouse is a highly creative and unique gift option! Whether you buy online or store at a local store, birdhouses can be found in a variety of styles. However, even more fun is to consider building a birdhouse yourself. This activity not only creates wonderful memories, but also provides a wonderful birding gift for your friend or loved one.

bird house or nest box

There are thousands of different birdhouse building plans online waiting to be explored. Choose a plan that suits your skill level and interests and get started! You can get involved with family, friends or children to work together on this fun project. Each step of the process, from selecting materials to assembly, will be an exciting one in which you will experience the joy of creating.


Bird Feeder (Smart Bird Feeder)

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing the right bird feeder as a gift. Bird feeders come in all shapes and sizes and range in price from inexpensive to expensive. Before picking one out, it's a good idea to find out what kind of birds the person you're giving it to likes to watch and which ones they hope to attract.

HummerHi hummingbird feederBilantan HummerHi Smart Bird Feeder (For Hummingbirds)

If they enjoy watching hummingbirds, then hummingbird feeders are a good choice. These feeders are usually smaller and specially designed to hold the nectar that hummingbirds love.On the other hand, if they are looking to attract a wide variety of different birds, then general feeders may be more suitable as they can hold different types of bird food.

BirdHi bird feederBilantan BirdHi Smart Bird Feeder (For common birds)

Be aware that hummingbird feeders are very different in design from finch feeders. Hummingbird feeders usually have small holes for hummingbirds to stretch their beaks to suck nectar, whereas finch feeders may be larger and suitable for holding various types of seeds and grains. 

In conclusion, it is important to know the interests and preferences of your bird lover when choosing a bird feeder gift. This will ensure that you are giving a gift that will truly allow them to enjoy bird watching and attract their favorite birds.


Bird Bath

Waterbaths make great gifts for bird lovers! Most people tend to have some sort of bird feeder, but surprisingly, many backyard bird habitats are short on water!

There are many options available. Some are very stylish and make great decorations for the home garden.

My suggestion is to get a water bowl that will keep the water warm in the winter! Birds have the hardest time finding water when temperatures drop below freezing. It's great to be present when birds need water the most.


Native bird-friendly plants, trees, or flowers

Creating a bird-friendly backyard isn't complete without natural food, shelter and nesting sites.

Most bird watchers also enjoy plants and gardening, so it's like offering two bird gifts! Having a backyard full of native plants usually increases the total amount of wildlife you see. (Butterflies, squirrels, deer, etc.)

Audubon has a helpful search tool that can help you find the right plants for your particular area. It can be filtered by the type of plants you want or the birds you want to attract.

I would also recommend that you consult a local organization for their expertise. Just explain that you only want native plants and are trying to attract birds and other wildlife.


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Even experienced birdwatchers can benefit from a refresher on essentials. I agree; having a checklist before your birdwatching trips can help ensure a successful and organized outing. Happy birdwatching!



As an experienced birdwatcher, I found the “What Do Birdwatchers Need?” section to be spot-on. It’s a great reminder of the essentials, and I appreciate the concise list.

Terrie MacDonald

Terrie MacDonald

I’m always stumped on what to get my bird-loving friend for their birthday. The “What to Get Someone Who Loves Birds?” section gave me some great gift ideas. Can’t wait to surprise them!



A helpful article! I’ve been wondering what gear I need as a beginner birdwatcher, so the FAQ section was really informative. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

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