Bilantan Patent 2in1 Window Hummingbird Feeder

Bilantan Window Hummingbird Feeder, US patented design with 4 feeding ports, 2 strong suction cups for easy hanging outdoors. Enjoy easy refilling, cleaning, and installation, plus a built-in goldenrod feeding port and ant moat for a sophisticated hummingbird feeding experience.

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Bilantan 2in1 Window Hummingbird Feeder
Bilantan hummingbird feeder Perfect Gift for Bird Lovers

Attract Hummingbirds, Beautify Your World!

This hummingbird feeder is exquisitely designed for easy installation and cleaning, with a Ant and Bee Proof feature, making it an ideal choice for nature enthusiasts and the perfect gift for any hummingbird lover.

Hummingbird Paradise: A Feast Beyond Your Window


  • Flexible Installation - Hang from a tree or stick to a window, attracting hummingbirds anywhere.
  • Secure and Stable - Strong suction cups ensure worry-free mounting year-round.
  • Bug-Proof Design - An ant moat and small feeding ports keep nectar safe from ants and bees.
  • Easy to Clean - A simple structure maintains fresh nectar, promoting the health of the hummingbirds.
Bilantan hummingbird feeder 2 Strong Vacuum SealSuction Cups

2 Strong Vacuum Seal Suction Cups

A more secure place for birds to feed and rest. Heat and cold resistant, Long-lasting adhesion in all seasons.

Bilantan hummingbird feeder Easy to Clean & Refill

Easy to Clean & Refill

Keep nectar fresh for better health of hummingbirds

Bilantan hummingbird feeder More Close toThe Beautiful Hummingbirds

More Close The Beautiful Hummingbirds

Discover the subtle wonders of nature's finest fliers from a new perspective.

Bilantan hummingbird feeder Size & Unique Features of Hummingbird Feeder

Product specification



Product Model:

Patent 2 in1 Hummingbird Feeder


PC Silicon and 304 stainless Steel


14 oz

Mounting Type:

Hung or Suctioned, Easy to Clean, Easy-Refill Top, Two Strong Suction Cup, Built-In Ant Moat

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nancy V
Smart design hummingbird feeder

Your product has certainly encouraged increased traffic. It's a great design for these tiny birds. And the materials are very high quality. Will add more feeders to my property.

Emmalee J
Hummingbird feeder that works!

It didn't take long (2 days) for the hummingbirds that occasionally visit our flowers to find this feeder. We have it hanging on a tall "shepherd's crook" right behind the railing to our deck. It is easy to fill, easy to clean, and the hummingbirds know just what to do. It has a wonderful feature: a little rail that the hummingbirds can actually rest on so they don't have to hover in order to drink the nectar. Sometimes they rest there for 45 seconds or so, sipping and resting. Never more than one at a time so far, although there are 4 ports. We are delighted.

Emmalee J
Up close viewing!

Now that I've used this a few weeks, I have to day I really love this feeder! First, I hung it with the chain out in my backyard in a hanging spot. I didn't see any hummers but they may have just not come around yet. A few days later I brought it in to clean it and put fresh sugar water and I decided to try the suction mounts. I've had others that weren't during enough so I was hesitant, but the auctions hold strong and haven't faltered at all! Best of all, when I bring it in to clean now, the tray just slides up off the suctions and they stay on the window, so you don't have to go through getting them even and stuff every time. It's super easy to clean. The red top of the tray just lifts off and each of the yellow flowers pop in and out very easily too for cleaning. We love watching the hummingbirds eat right in our living room window now!